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LOOKING FOR ADVENTURE… ESCAPE… DISCOVERY? Tap into our creativity and insider connections in the Napa and Sonoma Wine Country to plan excursions expertly tailored to your interests and needs. The most cosmopolitan “farm land” in the world, Napa Valley, boasts dozens of cult vineyards and grand chateaux, internationally acclaimed restaurants, world-class cooking schools, extravagant resorts, spas and galleries. The renowned region is also home to charming small towns and farmers’ markets, bed-and-breakfast inns, country roads, down-to-earth vintners and glorious landscapes. Wine+Dine offers personalized multiple-day itineraries to immerse you in the unique and boutique, or crème de la crème in the Napa and nearby Sonoma Valleys. Contact us for a taste of the extraordinary.





The Wine Country should really be called “the Wine-and-Food Country.” Our pantry is overflowing with an embarrassment of riches! Our rich agricultural land and ideal climate unite to produce such a wealth and diversity of ingredients, attracting top chefs and yielding an astounding eleven Michelin-starred restaurants. Artisanal products (olive oil, cheeses, breads, preserves, honey, craft beer,) are being meticulously and lovingly hand-made according to old-world practices; farm-to-table cuisine is being celebrated, and every day it seems there’s something new on the culinary scene.

Prepare a feast with friends in a winery kitchen; tour and taste at small family olive oil farms and visit the homes of artisanal cheese makers; learn the true secrets of pairing wine with food—our delicious experiences showcase magic that happens when great food, wine and people come together!




Sara R.

Sara R.

"Thank you for the great experience.  Everyone thought it was fabulous and couldn't stop talking about it.  It made a wonderful impression with our customers and our board of directors."