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Buenos Dias!  Your day will get a little spicier when teams compete to create their own Guacamole and Salsa! Fire Roasted?  Spicy Hot? Sweet n Fruity?  Participants In this will learn the distinctions between different spices and how to blend the characteristics together to make the most compelling guacamole and fresh salsa. Your Master of Ceremonies,  Britt Van Giesen—a True Master of Blending Food & Fun in Wine Country—will immerse your group in our Guac and Salsa Challenge.  We’ll have a “Buffet” of flavors set up for the teams to create their own culinary fiesta!  

The real fun begins when each team subdivides into chefs, graphic designers and sales-and-marketing directors.  You will set to work creating your team’s specialties, as choosing a name and designing the packaging for your unique products.   In addition, you must create a short ad campaign (aka skit) to “sell” your creations, which each group will present to the judges.  The judges will choose the winning team based on the quality of all of the components: taste, creativity and presentation.  Bribery is encouraged!  


MIXOLOGY Seasonal cooking is second nature for most of us, but what of seasonal cocktails? This cocktail program, based on locally sourced, fresh ingredients, elevates the elusive elixir to an art form. You will uncover some basics you’ve always wanted to perfect …and a few unexpected twists. After your introduction to the art of mixology, teams will create their own specialty cocktail. Experimentation is encouraged! Points are awarded for style, taste, name, originality, with prizes for the best bartender and the winning group presentation.


MASTER THE GAME  By marrying together a business training with professional golf, you’ll enjoy Master the Mental Game. Take a step further info the realm of golf as a Team Building experience with this powerfully rewarding training for your corporate group. This program will provide a new inspiration for effective, daily practices in the workplace.


BEER & CHILI COOK OFF Love chili and beer? With beans, without beans, spicy hot or smoky, chicken or pork, there is no wrong way to make a chili. Wine & Dine Events combines chili, music and beer to make your team building experience unforgettable. You and your guests will be divided into teams where you will prepare chili dishes paired with one of our local beers. This beer and chili combination will then be “marketed” to our select group of judges. Cook offs are very popular among competitors! It is a perfect way to work as a team, a fabulous way to bring people together for a fun time, while enjoying great beer from a local Napa brewery. Prizes will be awarded to the winners of this competition.


AMAZING RACE CHALLENGE   The Amazing Race Challenge is loosely based on the reality television series. The Wine Country Amazing Race Challenge will consist of a minimum of ten participants. Contestants strive to arrive first at “pit stops” at the end of each leg of the race. The goal for each pit stop is to win prizes and to avoid coming in last, which carries the penalty of a significant disadvantage in the following leg. Contestants travel to multiple areas around a stunning lake in a variety of transportation modes, including bicycles, kayaks and by foot.  These challenges include blind wine tasting, archery, stone skipping, a mountain bike ride, a kayak race across the lake, a race walk course and many wine related trivia questions throughout the course.


KART RACING CHALLENGE   captures the thrill of driving an Indy Racecar in a safe and challenging environment.  Not your average kiddie karts, these highly bred racing machines are the standard training and development tools for current and future racing champions. The program concludes in a shoot-out for boasting rights for both overall best team and the fastest individual.



SHARK TANK   With a Wine Country twist!    Teams embark upon a creative, challenging and exciting endeavor to promote their million dollar idea to the judges!   Our theme or yours… ingenious ideas are handsomely rewarded!


MEDIEVAL SCAVENGER HUNT Let the games begin….Medieval that is! Off the beaten path among rolling vines in the beautiful Napa Valley, sits a stunning architectural icon which harkens back to the time of the lords and ladies. Grab a goblet sized glass of fine wine and meet your “masters” for a fun description of the challenge. The frivolity begins with a tour of this magisterial winery estate and your group goes subterranean on the ultimate private tour of this authentically-styled 13th century Tuscan castle. Once the proper amount of “liquid courage” is consumed the group splits into teams and each group is given a set of clues. Upon finding the correct locations, clues will guide you to a last ‘ole clue where all teams will unite for a fight to the finish. Cheers to health and prosperity (while enjoying more vino!) as you get in touch with your inner historical sportsman (or woman!). Additional options weather permitting include: Speed Bocce, Archery, kayaking and golf. Please ask us about these interactive options that take place in stunning private areas of the estate.


PIZZA, PESTO + MOZZARELLA   Let your culinary juices flow with this hands-on, team-spirited, creativity driven activity of Pizza, Pesto & Mozzarella making! This culinary immersion begins as our team of professional chefs (de cuisine Italiano!) introduce the recipes for the three items each team will prepare.  Gather at your workstations with all of the ingredients and tools needed, choose a clever team name, then GO!  Teams design their own personalized pizza box complete with a logo and packaging design, plus a two minute marketing presentation for our esteemed panel of judges.  Lunch is served!


GRAPE STOMPIN’, WINE POURIN’ COMPETITION  Roll up your jeans, hitch up your skirt, and lose the shoes!  In a spirited atmosphere of competition and cooperation, teams of two “winemakers” hop into oak wine barrels, crush real grapes and make “wine”! It’s a race against the clock, but the messy fun is just beginning.  Team Members must collect the juice running from the barrel, then race amongst the vines, not spilling a precious drop, to pour into their awaiting wine bottle.