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Moje Wolfe

MOJE WOLFE ‘Bonified Rescue Dog’

They tell me I’m smart and well behaved…and for a treat, I’ll do just about anything!

Rico Martin

RICO MARTIN ‘Design Dude’

Rico is a nationally recognized designer (and designer of this web site) who can help develop theme ideas, signage and a unique invitation to create excitement for your event.  He has worked with our clients to realize multi-year retention programs and helped with branding, speaker presentations, staging, gift ideas, and engagingly informative web sites. Rico will add that extra touch of class and magic to your company’s event program.


RON EGHERMAN ‘The idea Guy’

Ron brings a wealth of experience, enthusiasm, and notable expertise to his role as partner in Wine & Dine. Need a brilliant idea for a particular client? He can weave together a clever plan in seconds. His ingenuity and innate curiosity make him the “go-to-guy” with the perpetual light bulb over his head.

Julie Crawford


With a warm nature and focused creative mind, Julie is a steady force always striving to create a unique experience for all her guests. After years with a top events company and a tenure with a luxury international hotel both in Hawaii and San Francisco, Julie embodies the five star level of service principles, coupled with an unparalleled understanding of event design execution.


AMAKA NWIGWE  ‘Maven of Merriment’

Amaka’s sparkle and fondness for making all things merry has enhanced our team immensely!  With 15 very diverse years in customer service, sales, event management with headlining stars, plus leading tours in Paris, she believes that having a successful event comes from collaborating with her partners, balancing organization, communication and paying close attention to the details. Amaka is extremely personable and brings her beaming energy to everything she does.

Barbara Burnham

BARBARA BURNHAM ‘The Duchess of Details’

‘Fun’ as an occupation? Barbara discovered her new calling. With a passion for Hospitality and Event Planning, Barbara traded her teaching career in for a new life in Hospitality at Wine Country hotels. Her passion is in developing relationships with vendors and discovering amazing new venues in the Valley. Barbara pairs discerning Wine+Dine guests with the incredible riches of the Wine Country.

Britt Van Giesen


You will appreciate the dedication and entrepreneurial savvy of our “Director of Corporate Evolution”. Britt’s task is to understand, articulate, develop and work miracles with your program objectives. His thorough immersion into your corporate culture and goals will assist you in developing a seamless, one-of-a-kind event. Britt’s combination of charm, humor and eons of event experience keeps everyone on their toes.

Ellen Kieval

ELLEN KIEVAL ‘Director of Vivaciousness’

Ellen Kieval Comes to us with over two decades of hospitality experience and a distinctive grasp of luxury service. As manager of our Leisure Department, Ellen combines a lifelong focus on food and wine and a keen eye for detail with an unwavering commitment to her customers’ enjoyment.  She delights in creating one-of-a-kind experiences that perfectly reflect the needs of each client, resulting in an impressive portfolio of memorable trips, and an ever-increasing fan club across the country.


SHELLE WOLFE ‘Chief Evolution Officer’

With a zest for wine, food and travel, a flair for the creative, and three decades of solid success in the “biz,” Shelle is a natural when it comes to the delights and details of Wine Country event planning and management.

In 1985, she began honing her expertise in the Corporate Events department of Palo Alto’s Amazing Events. She soon started Austin-Wolfe Event Design which, over the years, grew to three offices nationwide. Seeking the beauty and pleasures of Napa Valley lifestyle, Shelle moved to the area in 1995, joined Wine & Dine Events, and purchased the company from founder, David Mitchel, in 2003.

The first to launch a Napa Valley program of “Green” meetings and events, Shelle has long been committed to maintaining and protecting her turf from eco-mismanagement.